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Healthier kibble you can trust—delivered direct. Scratch is the game-changing new breed of Australian dog food that puts dogs and the planet first.

Is your dog's food up to Scratch?

4.9/5 Average Rating

Dog Food Meat

Whole, Aussie ingredients.

Dry dog food, but not as you know it. With no stores and less mark-ups, we spend up to 45% more on sustainably-sourced Aussie produce.

One chomp and your dog's old diet will feel like junk.


Made fresher on subscription.

Your dogs will get a personalised nutrition plan tailored to their health needs.

No more bulk bags made ages ago — you'll receive two freshly-sealed 4kg bags of the best dog food, made for your little mate.

Free Delivery

Delivered to you.

We'll deliver it straight to your door as often as your dog needs, with total control on your end.

Sit back, relax and let the kibble roll in or step in and adjust—free delivery* either way (carbon neutral too!).

Bags of Scratch dog food

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from pup to old gal

Raising a dog is an important gig. That's why Scratch is the perfect mix of protein, healthy fat and fibre to keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day—giving your pup plenty of mischievous energy. 👌

Dog health is our jam. From growing bones to achy joints, our recipes are nutritionally (and emotionally) complete for dogs of all life stages.

Has your dog gone gluten free? No problem. Are runny poos ruining your walks? Challenge accepted. Got a fussy floofball? We'll win em over'.

Whatever the issue, jump on live chat and speak directly to us (we're the ones who actually make the food, not corporate overlords). And if your dog doesn't love it, we'll give you your money back.

Store-bought kibble

Scratch Dog Food
Dog Food Bag
Scratch dog food box
  • Mostly powdered stuff from overseas
  • 'Meat' that changes batch to batch
  • 95% owned by big multinationals
  • Unregulated & with misleading labelling
  • Made in bulk, marked up by nearly 50%
  • Good luck getting quick service
  • 🥕 Whole Aussie produce
  • 🥩 Premium Aussie meat (& more of it)
  • 🇦🇺 100% independent & Australian-owned
  • 📦 Fully transparent labelling
  • 🐶 Fresher food, direct for your dogs
  • 💬 You're talking to the people who make it
Dog - Ziggy

“It’s the only food that the dogs did better on than raw”

Dog - Alyssa, Duke's Mum

“Since starting Duke on Scratch he isn’t scratching so much & no more runny #2’s!!! Now onto the customer service. Hands down THE BEST, customer service around!”

Dog - Amanda, Loki's Mum

“We came across scratch and we haven’t looked back! Number 2’s are wonderful, no more itchy pooch and he absolutely adores the taste.

A clean bowl every meal.”

best dog food
is just where it starts

Once you're running with our pack, your dog will gain access to our small-batch, 100% natural treats like our beef jerky for dogs.

Throw in exclusive accessories, toys and collabs with the best dog brands around the world and you're set.

Treat yo' dog

It's not just dogs that love it

From world champion surfer Mick Fanning investing in Scratch, to news spots around Australia, we're not alone in wanting better food for Aussie dogs.

Mick Fanning Dog

Surfing legend Mick Fanning has entered into the dog food business after investing in a trendy grain-free product that helped his pooch Harper.

Read more

Channel 9 dog food industry

In a horribly deceptive and broken market, Scratch has launched its fresher, healthier and more ethical food for Australia’s 4.8 million dogs.

Sold online and delivered via a personalised subscription, Scratch takes out dog food’s large retail margins and puts it into the recipe, spending up to 50 per cent more on Australian ingredients (no artificial preservatives or dodgy meats).

Better for your pup
and the planet

From the supply chain right to your front door, we're shaking up the dog food industry one decision at a time.

How we do things


Dogs nutritional needs are unique depending on their age, breed, size, and lifestyle. Puppies feeding amounts can change month to month as they grow.

Puppies eat lots for their small sizes as they grow, and go through several growth phases. Use a dog feeding calculator to determine the quantities of food best for your dog. Bigger dogs that grow very fast will need a large breed dog food.

Puppies should also split their food over more servings, eating 4 times a day until 4 months old, then 3 months a day until fully grown.

Adult dogs are safer eating twice a day rather than 1 time per day.

There is no one, single thing that dogs need to eat. The most common food types to feed dogs are:

  1. Dry food – good value and very convenient.
  2. Wet food – good value but bought a can at a time. Needs to be refrigerated.
  3. Raw food – expensive but done well, is perhaps the best thing for dogs.

Woah, a dry dog food brand recommending raw food? What gives. Yes, raw can be great but it is quite expensive, a lot of work and needs very sterile preparation as dodgy raw food can have disastrous consequences. So it’s great, but not possible for everyone.

Wet dog food is typically low quality and contains a lot of glycerin to make it shelf-stable without going off.

Dry dog food varies wildly in quality. Most dry dog foods (a.k.a. kibble) are not very healthy in our opinion and with so many kibble options it’s almost impossible to tell. Scratch is built as the ultimate kibble – selling direct to you so we can spend more on our sustainable Australian ingredients and give you full transparency along the way.

We’re dog food nerds and obsess over every ingredient and part of our supply chain to get your dog the best food, each and every time.

We’ve optimised every part of our business to put dogs first:

  1. We skip stores and only sell directly to you so we can sell for the same price but afford an extra 45% on ingredients
  2. Most kibble sits in store shelves and warehouses for months. We only sell on subscription so we know when your dog needs food, and can time when we make it to send your dog food that’s been made fresh.
  3. We run things like a good old fashioned business – make enough to be sustainable and look after your team but we’re responsible with money and growth to keep Scratch great value. We’re not trying to be the biggest – the most trusted.

Yes, and unfortunately dogs get food poisoning from bad food all too often. In Australia, there is no mandatory recall for dog foods so it’s not public knowledge but hundreds of dogs have died in recent years from dodgy food.

It’s why Scratch dog food is transforming dog food with better ingredients, more transparent labelling and good old fashioned honesty.

🇦🇺 🐶

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