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Natural Dog Treats

Treat yourself with our exclusive accessories, and treat them with small-batch, 100% natural dog treats. You’re both set!

Available exclusively to Scratch subscribers.

Freeze Dried Roo Treats

Freeze-dried Kangaroo Treats

$17 for 60g bag

Get that raw food boost with grab-and-go convenience. Don't let the weight fool you – this lightweight snack gets your good boy tons of raw protein.

Beef Jerky Treats

Beef Jerky Treats

$27 for 300g bag

Pure Aussie beef gently air-dried with no chemical processing whatsoever.

Lamb Crunch Treats

Lamb Crunch Treats

$25 for 250g bag

A high-protein, 100% natural snack to keep you on old mate's good side.

100% Natural

Many dog treats are a little too much of a treat and can quickly leave your pup with a few extra pounds and a lust for sugar. We only make 100% natural dog treats – high protein and full of healthy energy.

Made Locally

All of our treats are sourced and made locally, typically out of New South Wales.

For Happy Dogs & Healthy Chompers

Natural dog treats such as jerky or our lamb crunches are far more effective for keeping healthy teeth than dry dog food alone, and much cleaner than the salty and suggary ‘dental’ snacks found in most pet stores.

Poo Bag Size Poo Bag Compostable
Poop Bags

Eco Poop Bags

$29 for 240 pack

Fifteen biodegradable & compostable poop bag rolls to scoop up those grade A Scratch nuggets! Bag responsibly.


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